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Susan Pepe


Some dreams stay with
            you forever...

After spending most of my career teaching art to young children, and raising a daughter (and two labradors) of my own, I feel extremely blessed to have the opportunity to do what I love, to follow my passion, my heart, as I paint my dreams...


This journey has led me down paths I would never have imagined - through detours, closed doors, and blessings beyond any I could hope for - all somehow bringing me back, full circle, to the place where I began.  Only this time, I have brought with me pieces of people, places, and expeiences I've had along the way - and left behind little bits of myself as well.


I've learned that the little things aren't so little - and that is why I feel so passionate about painting them - flowers, beautiful places, the beach, and precious moments with our children (furry and otherwise).  


I hope you can feel the joy...


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